Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Printable

So, I am a Pinterest-aholic. No big deal. I love the printables (even the ones I don't print).

However, sometimes I find them and I want them but they won't match my house. So, I never print them. That's changing. I just made my very own printable.

Here it is:

I am thinking that I will frame it to put it inside our front door area (which is also known as the living room). If it looks good, I may just have to make some more. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That's probably what you are thinking right now. It turns out that since today is officially winter, I missed an entire season in the blog world. That's right... the ENTIRE fall!

What in the dickens...
... have you been doing the last few months?
... could have made you forget to blog for SO long?
... happened to you?
... are you going to write about?

Well, here's the truth. We have been living life. Married life. Two people and a dog under one roof, sharing a bedroom and bathroom kind of life. Oh and you know, the wife cooks, husband does the yard kind of life. And did I mention that we go to work, too? Yeah, we do.

Let me summarize our end of summer/fall:
-School starts... teaching 6th grade Language Arts @ a new school. 36 new precious students. LOVE!
-Getting into a married "routine" (aka learning how to get along with someone else's habits). also a LOVE!

September & October:
-Drew has his accident and subsequent surgery, hospital, and rehab stays (See Drew's CaringBridge... this became my new "blog")... I spend more time in hospital waiting rooms than I had ever hoped for. But, I can also say I got to meet some amazing people. It makes me cry to think about ALL of the people who became so invested in Drew during that time.
- I traveled most days after work for a month to Columbia to be with Drew, friends, and family.
- We (sometimes both, sometimes just Christopher) travel to Clemson for home football games (how about that PERFECT home season... all wins in the Valley!).

-Thanksgiving in Florence... lunch at the Club with immediate family, Granny, and my uncle L & aunt K and baby cousin Caroline. Ate snacks/dinner (we were pretty full!) later with Christopher's family
-Drew's 22nd birthday

-Drew's surgery on Dec. 15th to reattach skull
-I began 17.5 day vacation from school!

I know that I will post more on all of these things in later posts. I just wanted to get "caught up" so that I can begin to blog our life again. I was thinking today that these really are days that I never want to forget!