Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I turned 28 a little over two weeks ago... The only thing that stands out so far about 28 is that I only have one more birthday where I will still be in my twenties. I decided that I was going to leave 27 with a bang... and I did. Running my half marathon was truly a great way to end 27. I loved challenging myself, and I can't wait to share more about that in a later post! 

Right now, I don't feel as panicked about turning 30 as I did turning 25. I don't know what that was about, but I am glad those days are (mostly) gone. I guess, the old saying  "With age comes wisdom," is true in this case. I am so excited about all that is going to happen this yet that I can't help but to be excited that I get the opportunity to get old!

Of course, if you know the (almost) Williams, you know we love birthdays (or any excuse for a cake!). And next up is Christopher. He won't be as old as I am, which totally explains why I am the wiser one! ;)  For his birthday, he has decided that he would like to attend the first ever Zac Brown Band Southern Ground Festival in Clemson. It just so happens to be the weekend before his birthday. That lucky boy is going to get to celebrate for two weekends!

As excited as I am for Christopher's birthday, I have to say, I am equally excited about the show (and food, too!). I have seen Zac Brown cook on Paula Deen (yes, I watch her- no, I don't cook her food- my mom's a dietitian, you know!) and it looked REALLY good. I also have seen Chef Rusty (ZBB's chef) on YouTube talking about the show and it sounds delicious! (not to mention that I'll get to see ZBB for the first time live!)

Pictures will be shared!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazarus-like Miracle

Well, here I am updating the ol' blog... a mere 4 months after the last post. It's been tough on all the readers I know, since there are SO many of you (or none... yet!). So, our blog is just like Lazarus, right when you thought he was a goner, he came back to life. 

Anyways, the question that you're dying to know: why didn't I post? Well, I could take the easy way and say that it's Christopher's fault (I'll explain that next). Or I could say that we've been busy. Neither of those would be lies, but I don't know why this just hasn't happened.

Ok, so it turns out that Christopher kinda hates the idea of a blog. I mean, I get his point when he says "Who wants to read that?" or "Why would would we want to share that?" I get it. But, I also had a HUGE epiphany last week. (I know epiphany and Lazarus in one post- it's Lent and I need all the biblical references I can get during these 40 days, but I digress).  This is what I figured out: LIFE GOES BY TOO FAST!

Let me explain... last week as I was contemplating turning 28, I was reminiscing on my 20's. I tried to think of something I had done when I was 20, 21, etc. Well, I drew a blank at 24. I couldn't remember anything. I mean I know I taught 3rd grade for some of it, but I could come up with nothing that I had done in my personal life. I came up with tons for 23 and 25 but 24 is still blank. Sure, I know I went to some Clemson games, but they aren't standing out. I know GREAT things happened that year, but I can't remember them. And that scares me a little. I want to remember my life, even those ordinary days. So, if nothing else, I want to use this blog to keep up with the lives of The (Almost) Williams Family.

 So despite Christopher's reluctance, I am going to just blog my little heart out. And I'll include him (where appropriate) but will only say nice things about him (or the funny things that I couldn't possible stand to NOT share with you!).

Expect a lot of "catching up" over the next few weeks since I gave up Facebook for lent! :)