Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazarus-like Miracle

Well, here I am updating the ol' blog... a mere 4 months after the last post. It's been tough on all the readers I know, since there are SO many of you (or none... yet!). So, our blog is just like Lazarus, right when you thought he was a goner, he came back to life. 

Anyways, the question that you're dying to know: why didn't I post? Well, I could take the easy way and say that it's Christopher's fault (I'll explain that next). Or I could say that we've been busy. Neither of those would be lies, but I don't know why this just hasn't happened.

Ok, so it turns out that Christopher kinda hates the idea of a blog. I mean, I get his point when he says "Who wants to read that?" or "Why would would we want to share that?" I get it. But, I also had a HUGE epiphany last week. (I know epiphany and Lazarus in one post- it's Lent and I need all the biblical references I can get during these 40 days, but I digress).  This is what I figured out: LIFE GOES BY TOO FAST!

Let me explain... last week as I was contemplating turning 28, I was reminiscing on my 20's. I tried to think of something I had done when I was 20, 21, etc. Well, I drew a blank at 24. I couldn't remember anything. I mean I know I taught 3rd grade for some of it, but I could come up with nothing that I had done in my personal life. I came up with tons for 23 and 25 but 24 is still blank. Sure, I know I went to some Clemson games, but they aren't standing out. I know GREAT things happened that year, but I can't remember them. And that scares me a little. I want to remember my life, even those ordinary days. So, if nothing else, I want to use this blog to keep up with the lives of The (Almost) Williams Family.

 So despite Christopher's reluctance, I am going to just blog my little heart out. And I'll include him (where appropriate) but will only say nice things about him (or the funny things that I couldn't possible stand to NOT share with you!).

Expect a lot of "catching up" over the next few weeks since I gave up Facebook for lent! :)

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  1. congratulations!! i just started blogging last week and am loving the opportunities for creativity and self-expression, go you!! please stop by!