Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Post (and I'm Not Fooling Around!)

I'm back. My next hiatus will definitely not be this long.

I have been re-inspired after reading a great blog post. The poster was talking about why she journaled her life. She even took a picture of the boxes of journals that she has finished off. One of the things that struck me was that by looking back through them, it was a way for her to look back and see God's faithfulness in her life. I recently completed Patricia Shirer's One in A Million bible study. Several times she mentioned journaling as a way for us to keep up with answered prayers, evidence of God in our lives, etc. Reading that post yesterday was a reminder that I needed to hear and I am now re-inspired to keep up with the blog.

Right now, I am sitting in the living room of our rental house surrounded by clothes. And when I say surrounded, I mean consumed. It's that time of year...  the semi-annual switching of the wardrobe. You know, where you take out the winter clothes and put in the summer clothes, and vice versa. I told C last night that it is my hope that our next house will have a closet large enough for this to not have to happen. If not, I will be SEVERELY downsizing my wardrobe because this really drives me INSANE! :)

Speaking of next homes... that is our HUGE focus and goal right now. We have been looking since this winter. Our lease ends on our rental home at the end of May. We have the option of renting by the month at that point. Ideally, it would be great for us to move over the summer because I would have time to unpack, get things settled, etc. before going back to school. Realistically, we have to move when the time is right. We have an overall area where we would like to live (not far from where we currently are living). We love this area. The homes are a little older (think hardwood floors, neat architectural elements but small closets and if they haven't been remodeled- fabulously 50s tile bathrooms!), etc. However, a lot of the homes that we seem to find in our price range are too small (2 bedrooms and 1 bath -- not something to complain about, but not something I can feel great about investing money in. I have a feeling we'd outgrow it WAY too fast!) or the homes need WAY more work than we want to put into it (neither of us has a contractor's license nor do we even have those kinds of tools !). Of course, we look at other homes in different areas and it seems like we can get more for our money. I guess right now, it's pretty fair to say that we have to figure out WHAT we want... the best house in our price range or the best house in the area we are looking in. It's a HUGE decision, and we are certainly praying about it. We are especially praying that we will be patient and "know" when we have found the right house. C and I both have the tendency to overthink things and I don't want either one of us to be up at night wondering if we made the right decision.

I cannot believe that it is already April! I have 4 days of school this week and Spring Break next week, 1 week of school, and then will be off to Disney for our 6th Grade Trip. I am super excited about that, but kind of sad and anxious to leave C and Snap for an entire week! I know they will be just fine- they have survived without me before, I just hate to leave them for 4 nights! But, I also know how much fun I am going to have and will be so "busy" that it will fly by. I feel certain the week will fly by for the boys, too! They won't feel like they had nearly enough time to do all the "guy things" that they decide to do.)

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