Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Food, glorious food!

Ok... not a lot in this world gets me REALLY excited. I'm just not one of those girls that wears my emotions on my sleeves (or face either). If I'm happy I might smile. I have to be REALLY happy to REALLY smile. (Note: I am not bitter and glum... I'm just not easily excited you might say).

Food, on the other hand, can get me excited. I recently heard Jada Pinkett Smith on a tv interview. She said that she "keeps her figure" by just eating enough to live. She does not enjoy food. Sorry, Jada. I mean, I'm REALLY sorry. She must not have ever tasted GOOD food. I may or may not plan my meals before I plan my day. For example, before I got out of bed this morning I knew that I was going to have PBJam on an English muffin for breakfast and would make spaghetti bake for dinner. The rest of the day was unplanned, but whatever I did would have to fit around that. I know that other Southerners also do this...right?!? And yes, eating this food means I have to exercise, but to me, it works (for now at least).

Which brings me to why I'm really writing this. Rewind to the last week of April. Our church has a "Girls' Night Out" and, of course, we had "snacks." (The "spread" was intense. Probably more food than most people have at their wedding receptions) As I made my way around the table, this is what I saw:

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

I was sold at my first site of sprinkles. I got a modest spoonful and sampled one piece. And can I tell you? They were to.die.for!! It was just like licking the bowl... only with a crunch! Yummy. Since then, I have thought about these. For 5 weeks I have practiced some major self control. It ends tomorrow. I got all the ingredients today. I don't know who I am going to give/share them with. Heaven help me if I eat them ALL!
I will be using this recipe. I trust her. :)

P.S. I plan to work this off by cruising around on my new Lilly cruiser!

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