Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dream Interpretations

You know how some people interpret dreams? I always thought it was kind of crazy. But, lately I have been waking up in a total panic about my dreams. The crazy thing is... I don't think it would take an interpreter to figure them out.

Exhibit A:

I wake up in a total panic because of this:

Yes, a messy house! And no that is not MY house... and thank heavens I can say that it really wasn't all that messy in my dream either. But, it was a mess.And I was going to work and leaving it a mess!  

My interpretation:  My house is for sale! Everyday, I sweep, wipe cabinets, counter tops, you name it to make sure my house is spotless in the event that someone wants to come a see it, which has happened all of once at this point... I am just trusting God that He has someone for this house, but let me tell you.... I can NOT wait to meet them!

Exhibit B:

Yes, that is a monogram. Only in my dream, I gave someone a monogrammed bag with the WRONG monogram embroidered on it. The horror?!?

My Interpretation: I really don't know. But, I am thinking that if sending someone a gift is the worst thing that could happen to me, my life must be pretty good. Or I am totally stressing out about the wrong things in life. And to be honest, both of those are true.

I am sure that the dream experts would have something else to say about my dreams, but I think they are telling me that my life is definitely alright, and if those are the worst things that I can come up with, I need to say a prayer of gratitude and be a little more thankful!

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