Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drawing a Blank

I know there are so many things that I could say on here. Yet, it isn't coming to me, so I might have to ramble for a minute. (and yes, I will be numbering my ramblings)

1. XM changed it's channel numbers. It doesn't make me mad, just drives me crazy!

2. I have decided that if I could be friends with celebrities, these would be my "friends:" 

You see, I listen to Oprah XM every morning on my 30 minute (or longer if I get behind a school bus) drive to work. And apparently Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were on the show Friday, May 6th. Well, I didn't see the show but they had me laughing out loud (seriously) in the car on a Monday morning. And you have to be REALLY funny to make me laugh on a Monday morning. And then, I had class last night and I got to hear it again on my way home. And guess what? It was STILL funny. I am pretty sure we'd be GREAT friends. 

3.  We have state testing this week. And we didn't have it today. "Why?" you ask. Well, because it's Confederate Memorial Day (duh!) and of course we wouldn't want to test on Confederate Memorial Day (yeah, right!). Crazy, I tell you. I love the South. I really do. But, really? Confederate Memorial Day? Really? And for the record I believe that EVERY darn school in our great state was in school, not observing the holiday as our state department might believe.

4.  I miss my dog. He lives in Florence while my house is on the market. (Yes, it's still for sale!)  I need him back in my life. I am pretty sure he isn't feeling the same because he is getting spoiled ROTTEN by his grandparents. Lucky dog!

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